Pickled Design Graphic Design


My approach to design is the same as my approach to life: appreciate that which already exists (savor), and find a way to enhance the natural qualities (flavor). Be it food, design, nature, people, culture. Keep things simple, not overcomplicate. Recycle ideas, reuse possessions, reduce waste of time and things.

My job as a designer is to notice the details and bring those out into the light so that others recognize and find the message. A bit more thoughtful and complex than 'making things look pretty.'

Traditional never goes out of style.


Graphic design: Branding and collateral. Proposal design. Wedding invitations and programs. Brochures. Business cards. Letterhead. Flyers. Logos. Posters. Postcards. Word and Powerpoint templates.

Web design: Email. Site portfolios. Wordpress.

Photography: Portrait and Landscape.